Thursday, 16 June 2011

Who’s up for a challenge?

I have always wanted to travel around the world experiencing unique cultures and seeing, in real life, all those images I grew up seeing at school. So far I have managed to get to five, but there are so many more that need to be ticked off the list.

However, unfortunately due to budgetary constraints, at this point in my life I am unable to do this, but why let a small thing like money stop me? So, using my imagination and the collective knowledge of you, my friends, and anyone else who wants to read this, I have decided I am going to travel around the world via a food journey.

Basically I plan to explore the world through food - well at least try to  J.

I know this is in no way the complete experience, but I figure what better way enhance one’s culinary skills then by tackling dishes from every country on the planet. That is right, I did say every country.

My plan is every couple of weeks tackle two ‘traditional’ dishes (a main and dessert) from a country around the world. Have some friends round, serve them up (hopefully not poisoning anyone) and share the experience and theirs on here.

How will you choose the country you visit every fortnight? I hear you say… well using my trusty atlas I will select six countries giving them a number 1-6. Then by rolling a dice whatever number comes up will be the country I visit. So if Thailand is a 1 and I roll a 1 then we are going to Thailand!

Now it wouldn’t be an adventure without travel buddies. Every trip needs them and that is where I’m hoping you will help me out along they way. You see I don’t have that many recipe books, let alone books containing recipes from around the globe and whilst yes i do have the internet, som eof those special family recipes just can't be tracked down through Google. So, what I am hoping for from my travel buddies is some help in tracking down recipes that I can cook and that my local butcher, supermarket, fruit and veg markets etc... can help out with ingredients wise. J

So get ready dust off those cook books and hit up the relatives for those good old family recipes passed down through the years… lets travel the world together!!

Oh, and by all means feel free to travel from your kitchen as well. I think it would be great to see others pick up the idea and run with it. Just imagine people everywhere ‘travelling’ via their kitchen.

So when will i start?
The hope is soon - few things to sort out first e.g., ensuring i have cooking utensils LOL, but rest assured the jet is almost ready to take flight to our first destination!

Stay tuned J


  1. Go you good thing. I hope you choose French and Italian - they're my best. Don't worry too much about utensils. It'll work out. I would suggest however you may want to think about herbs - thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley, tarragon, sage. And then there's lemongrass, perennial coriander (the normal stuff's a pain to keep trying to keep alive). Just make sure the woofers can't eat them and the possums don't devour your parsley!

  2. Come talk to me about your Confit du Canard ;)