Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The menu is...

After much research, and considering my abilities and opportunity to secure the necessary ingredients, I have selected the meals for my Russian menu.

For the main I’ll be embarking on Pelmeni – a sort of dumpling consisting of a beef/pork filling wrapped in thin dough and boiled in salt water.  Here’s the recipe I’ll be using.
For dessert I’m going with a Sharlotka (Apple Charlotte). It’s a take on an apple sponge cake. Looking forward to tackling this one – sounds delicious. Once again, here’s the recipe.

All in all I not only think the meals will be delicious, but I think I can tackle both with reasonable success. The fun part will come in making the dough for the Pelmeni – haven’t made dough in a long while, but hey what is cooking without a little mess, and if worse comes to worse I should be able to make damper with it LOL J

So this weekend I’ll head to the supermarket to stock on the supplies needed. Then next weekend, when my nephews are over, we’ll all pitch in and ‘travel’ to Russia together.

As always feel free to try these out for yourselves and share your experience. Perhaps you might tackle another Traditional Russian dish. I found quite a few out there that made the mouth water.

Until next time - Пребывание хорошо (stay well).

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