Monday, 19 September 2011

Turkey… My tummy salutes you :-)

Another meal down and another fabulous experience.
My trip to Turkey was brilliant. I wasn’t too sure how things would work out this time as when I first found the recipes I thought to myself I could be in trouble here, but once you get into them they actually are really easy to make. And the taste is incredible! The mix of spices really throws your tongue’s tastebuds into a spin. The lamb combined with the eggplant and mash potato – simply divine. Komposto is truly wonderful. Who knew simply boiling fruit in water and adding some sugar could be so good. The boys loved it - can’t wait to try it again with different combinations. Finally the Acı badem kurabiyesi are light and melt in your mouth. Not super sweet, they are just right and would easily go with a coffee at the end of the meal.

Thank you Turkey – my tummy salutes you! J

Preparation time: (how long does it really take?)

Kofte – 10 minutes tops – once you have all the ingredients it’s a simple case of mix and roll.

Dolma – depending on how you cook your rice filling the time will vary. Doesn’t take long to hollow out vegetables and fill them up again.

Hünkar beğendi – 15 minutes to prepare – then about an hour to cook –worth it though J

Sarimsakli Patates Puresi  - say 25minutes – the real time killer is boiling the potatoes .

Komposto – about 5 minutes to prepare, 25 minutes to make and then a couple of hours to cool. My advice is make it the night before and let it cool overnight.

Acı badem kurabiyesi – very simple dessert – about 10 minutes to prepare.

Ease to cook: (what does it involve?)
Kofte – Great for the BBQ. Simply put them on a hot plate and within 5-10 minutes tops you’ll be watching them disappear as they are just so tasty everyone will want one

Dolma – if you can use a spoon and a rice cooker you’ll be fine. Not hard to put together to real skill lies in cooking the rice (I’m still working on perfecting that)

Hünkar beğendi – Not that hard. The fun lies with the egg plant puree – we got there eventually – following the instructions helps LOL

Sarimsakli Patates Puresi  - boil your potatoes, mash whilst adding the extra ingredients and you’re done.

Komposto – Boil water, add sugar and fruit, simmer for around 15 minutes and you’re done.

Acı badem kurabiyesi – anyone could make these – the only time consuming part is separating the egg whites and beating them. Once that is done simply combine the ingredients, place portions onto a tray and put in the oven.

Overall: (i'll use a scale of empty bowls - 5 empty bowls is the best - 1 empty bowl not the best J)

I loved it all, but rather than boring you with my opinion, this time I thought I’d let the my nephews share their overall scores and thoughts.


Lachlan – 4.5 empty bowls – this dish was a very tasty and filling - sort of food any kid like – They would have no problem devouring these little tackers.

Josh – 4 empty bowls – they are tasty – I liked the spicy kick it had. It wasn’t too big a kick – just right for a kid.


Lachlan – 3 empty bowls – it was a mix between the little amount of rice and the over powering taste of the tomato, but overall they were a sort of interesting dish.

Josh – 3.5 empty bowls – The tomato overpowered the rice a bit too much, but it was good.

Hünkar beğendi

Lachlan – 4 empty bowls – this dish was a very good meal and had lots of different textures and flavours throughout it. But overall it was a regularly nice dish.

Josh – 5 empty bowls – This dish was perfect for me because the meat was cooked just right and the spice was not that big.

Sarimsakli Patates Puresi  -

Lachlan –3 empty bowls – the mashed potato was very strong in the garlic department and if you are going to eat this dish you need to prepare yourself for a really strong hit of garlic.

Josh –3 empty bowls – I thought the garlic in the mashed potato was very overpowering.


Lachlan – 5 empty bowls – this was a very nice beverage that would be perfect for any type of meal, especially ideal for a hot summer  day because of the refreshing taste.

Josh – 5 empty bowls – Quite tasty for just water, sugar, apples and cranberries

Acı badem kurabiyesi

Lachlan – 4 empty bowls – It was a nice dessert. Light and fluffy it can be eaten anytime. Would be nice with ice-cream.

Josh – 5 empty bowls – They are delicious. Sweet and chewy they are perfect for a snack.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned as my next destination will be decided tomorrow J



Hünkar beğendi


Acı badem kurabiyesi

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