Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A few more tasty treats

Well this Sunday the next stage in my adventure will take place.

Adding to the kofte and dolma i will also attempt hünkar beğendi and Sarimsakli Patates Puresi (Garlic Mashed Potatoes )- both look delicious.

I have also decided to branch out and attempt to make Hoşaf or Komposto. It is a drink usually made of dried or fresh fruit boiled in water with sugar and left to cool and infuse. I found a simple recipe using apples and cranberries should be a nice addition to the meal.

And what are you doing for dessert? i hear you ask... well i am keeping it simple this time round :-) i will be making Acıbadem kurabiyesi (a bitter almond biscuit) - is a traditional Turkish biscuit made of almonds, sugar and egg whites.

So with the feast planned and the guests sorted Turkey here i come :-)

Until then take some time to brush up on a few Turkish Proverbs and Folk Sayings/Türk Atasözleri  :-)

Aðaç yas iken eðilir.
The green twig is easily bent.
Ateþ düþtüðü yeri yakar.
An ember burns where it falls.
Bekarlýk sultanlýktýr.
There is no soverinity like bachelorhood.
Bilmemek ayýp deðil, sormamak ayýp.
Not knowing is not shameful, not asking is (shameful)
It is not a shame not to know, it is a shame not to ask.
Bir elin nesi var, iki elin sesi var.
Two heads are better than one.
Bir tasla iki kus vurmak...
Killing two birds with one stone.
Çabuk parlayan çabuk söner.
What flares up fast, extinguishes soon.
Eþek hoþaftan ne anlar (anlamaz).
An ass does not appreciate fruit compote.
Havlayan köpek ýsýrmaz.
The dog that barks much does not bite.
Ýnsan yedisinde ne ise yetmiþinde de odur.
What a man is at seven is also what he is at seventy.
Ýðneyi kendine batýr çuvaldýzý baþkasýna.
Stick the needle into yourself (to see how it hurts) before you thrust the packing-needle into others.
Kurtlu baklanýn kör alýcýsý olur.
The buyer of the rotten beans is the blind man.
Kuzguna yavrusu þahin görünür.
The raven sees its chickens as falcons.
Ne ekersen, o'nu biçersin.
You harvest what you sow.
Öfke ile kalkan zararla oturur.
He who gets up (starts up) in anger, sits down with a loss.
Öküz altýnda buzaðý aranmaz.
Do not search for a calf under an ox.
Sakýnýlan goze cop batar.
An over-protected eye gets the speck (Being overly careful invites misfortunes).
Sinek küçüktür, ama mide bulandýrýr.
The fly is small, but it is big enough to make one sick.
Sürüden ayrýlan koyunu kurt kapar.
The sheep separated from the flock is eaten by the wolf.
Terzi kendi söküðünü dikemezmiþ.
Fýrýncýnýn çocuðu aç dolaþýrmýþ.
The shoemaker's child goes barefoot.
The baker's child goes hungry.
The plumber's house (roof) always leaks.
Yenilen pehlivan güreþe doymaz.
A defeated wrestler is not tired of wrestling.
Vakitsiz öten horozun baþýný keserler.
They will cut off the head of a cock that crows before it is time.

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