Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Turkey - Here I come!

Having recovered from one of the world's best BBQs it's time to hit the road again.
As is always the case I needed to add a location to the list and with the help of my dearest Shannan, Turkey was added to the list.
1. Morocco
2. Egypt
3. Turkey

4. India

5. Cuba

6. France

Without a dice we decided to write them all down of six pieces of paper and throw them into the nearest bowl we could find. Them with the help of my lovely assistant Turkey was plucked from the bowl.
So like before I now begin my preparation for the next adventure.

As always if you come across a traditional main meal or dessert please feel free to share it.
Even if you just feel like putting up an interesting fact about Turkey the more travel buddies the better J

So until next time...
güle güle - goodbye J


  1. Turkish Delight? I mean real Turkish Delight, gorgeous rose water, pistachios, light icing sugar.....

  2. Yes - definitely real Turkish Delight... with some real Turkish coffee (it will put hairs on your chest for sure!) I loved Turkey so will be following your blog on this one!