Thursday, 14 July 2011

Next stop Argentina!

Following a successful tour of Russia it was time once again to pack our bags and get ready to take off to another location.

Before I could go I needed to add a location to the list and with the help of my nephews we settled on Argentina.
Adding it to the list of the five unsuccessful countries from the previous week:
1.    Morocco
2.    Egypt
3.    Argentina
4.    India
5.    Cuba
6.    France
the dice was rolled and to the excitement of my nephews Argentina emerged victorious!!!
So once again I begin my preparation for the next adventure. 
As always if you come across a traditional main meal or dessert please feel free to share it.
Even if you just feel like putting up a fact about Argentina the more travel buddies the better J
As they say in Argentina - ciao ciao

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